The Bright Side of Solar

solar panels on roof

Homeowners are choosing to partner with Bay Area Solar Solutions to deliver on their solar needs for two main reasons: Responsibility for Sustainability and Financial Freedom.

Responsibility for Sustainability

On one hand, the personal responsibility for sustainability is worth each and every one of us embracing. We have the opportunity to take advantage of the most abundant natural resource on the entire planet; the SUN!!

As residence of the Sunshine State, we in particular possess an inherit advantage of this resource; year around exposure. This year around exposure translates into year around savings.

  1. Solar Energy is both sustainable and renewable - WE WILL NEVER RUN OUT.
  2. Enjoy long-term solar life expectancy up to 40 years and virtually maintenance free.
  3. Minimizing carbon footprint.

piggy bank held over solar panels array in circle

Financial Freedom

A wise man once said “Son if it makes dollars, it makes sense”. By leveraging the benefits of this natural resource, these systems are designed to do just that… Make dollars.

As a consumer it is extremely concerning that despite our best efforts to minimize our electrical usage we will inevitably be subjected to ridiculous price increases for years to come.

For example; electricity costs are increasing at an average annual rate of 5% nationwide. Today's $150.00 electric bill will be over $225.00 in ten years and over $350.00 ten years after that. The choice is easy when you as a homeowner or business owner decide to start generating your own electricity through solar power, you are declaring your independence from future price increases and economic uncertainty. “Take the power back, and watch the savings stack”. $$$$$$$$$$$$

  1. Federal Tax Credit (ITC) of 30%.
  2. Increase the value of your home.
  3. Freedom from rising utility costs for years to come.

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