Solar Power Facts



Here a Few Important Facts About Solar Energy

solar-iconHere a Few Important Facts About Solar Energy

• Photovoltaic (PV) panels produce electricity directly from sunlight.

• PV panels do not use heat to produce power, they use LIGHT.

• PV panels, unlike solar water heating panels, DO NOT contain water!

• PV panels produce DC power (Direct Current, like your car uses).

• Most PV panels are covered by a 25 year manufacturer warranty.

• PV panels have very little to no maintenance.

• An INVERTER is a device that is used to convert DC power to AC power (Alternating Current like your house uses).

• Grid-Connected Inverters will not produce power when the utility power is off.

• If you are not using the full amount of electricity your grid-connected system is producing, your utility meter will run BACKWARDS, counting off Kilowatt-hours (KwH).

• A typical solar panel array consists of 16-24 solar panels mounted on the roof of your home. Solar panels may also be mounted on the ground, on a garage or on a barn.

• The solar panels are wired together and collect direct current electricity from the sun. The wires are connected to an inverter or inverters, which converts the direct current to alternating current.